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WATCH: This Yoga Class Features Adorable Cats You Can Adopt

Yoga and cats, what more can you ask for in life?

We were so delighted to find out there is a yoga class that you can take that includes cute cats that you can actually adopt! Does this sound too good to be true? Well, if you are an animal lover, this is probably a little slice of heaven to you!

That’s right, Me-OM yoga class offers the opportunity for you to take a relaxing yoga class with kitties! We have to believe that having cats lounging about when you are practicing your poses will actually make you even more relaxed and in that zen mode!

Knowing that these cats are up for adoption is a great thing too. After all, several cities across the United States such as Los Angeles, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico are now banning the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. This movement hopes to lessen puppy mills and encourage adoption. Pet stores encourage the puppy and kitten mill industry. Here, dogs and cats are often raised in cramped and unhygienic conditions. In addition, kittens raised in kitten factories often have hidden health and psychological issues from being raised under these harsh conditions.

In contrast, this yoga studio is both a pleasant and positive environment for both the cats and participants! And both parties benefit from each other’s company! After all, who doesn’t love a cute, cuddly kitten?

So come with us as we take a charming look at a yoga class that features adorable cats that you can actually adopt into your family to call your own! Who knows, you might go to yoga to get in shape and end up with a furry friend too! Meow meow!


Vancouver Bans Sales of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits in Pet Stores!

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