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WATCH: This Photographer Wants All Brides To Love Their Bodies

These brides are celebrating their bodies in glamorous boudoir photo shoots!

It has often been said that a bride’s wedding day is the most important day of her life. Now, whether or not we believe that is another matter, but we do understand the importance of this grand event. We also acknowledge the pressures that are put upon a bride on her wedding and the days leading up to it. There are pressures to lose weight. After all, her friends and family are telling her she needs to fit into her wedding dress and to look as slim and slender as possible. Of course, they just want her to look her best that day, but quite often they don’t realize the pressure they can put on a bride.

On the actual wedding day, many brides have said that — during the reception — they never had time to even sit down as they were meeting and greeting their guests. And some never even tasted their own wedding cake! Talk about stress!

With all of the pressures surrounding a wedding, there is one wedding photographer who wants you to leave these issues at the door. In fact, she believes that a bride should feel beautiful no matter what. She is adamant in leaving all self-shaming body issues out of her studio and to love their bodies and feel beautiful.

And indeed, all brides should feel beautiful, wanted, and loved as this is an important step in their lives. They are entering into a new phase with a partner and life as they knew it before is forever changed. So why not celebrate it with self love?

Watch as these brides feel both beautiful and empowered in their boudoir photo shoots! Their body positivity shines through and you can see just how lovely they really are!



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