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WATCH: This ‘Just Married’ Jacket Has Been Worn by Over 20 Brides

Hear the story of this #justmarriedjacket!

Once in a while, a story is so captivating that we just have to share it. And such is the story of this one black jacket. While we don’t want to give all the secrets away in this saga, we will say that this is a story of love, celebration, and living life.

Being a bride is intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Your wedding brings together friends, family, and loved ones in one glorious day of celebration. Together, you honor the love that you have for your partner and also the love for everyone involved.  Each bride, like each wedding, is unique. And it can be said that no two love stories are the same either.

Recently, 20 brides came together having all worn the same jacket on their wedding day. These brides didn’t know each other, but yet all had one common denominator: the jacket.  When they got together, they shared stories of their weddings, the jacket, and their lives. It is amazing how a simple, black jacket with “Just Married” emblazoned on the back has created a community unto its own!

So popular is this forum, that you can find more images and stories with #justmarriedjacket! In fact, the creator and owner of this jacket said she couldn’t believe how her favorite jacket and a little paint created a world of love and enjoyment for so many.

So, come with us as we hear about how this “Just Married” jacket has been worn by over 20 happy brides. You’ll hear about how it all got started and why. And if you are getting married and are interested in the “Just Married” jacket for yourself, you can find out how to get it for your very own wedding.  We’re certain you have your own story of love, family, and friends to add to this unique, very special, black jacket.



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Photo Credit: Bella Fiori Designs



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