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WATCH: The Ultimate Guide to 7 Different Nail Shapes

What nail shape is best for YOU?

Believe it or not, hands often define beauty. In fact, you might have heard that you can tell a women’s age by not her face, but her hands. Indeed, hands don’t lie when it comes to the telltale signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and saggy skin. But a way to combat these signs is through your nails!

That’s right, finding the best nail shape for your hands is crucial to making your hands look their best. In fact, the wrong nail shape can actually make your hands look worse! You’ll end up embarrassed because your hands might look bigger and more bulky because your nail shape is incorrect. Ideally, your nail shape will enhance the natural look of your hands and make them more feminine and sleek.

Finding the ideal shape can improve the overall appearance of your hands. It can also elongate them and make them look more slender and graceful. And this will give you more confidence when it comes to your appearance!

Perhaps you don’t know exactly what shape is best for your hands. After all, choosing the right shape can be confusing. With so many shapes to choose form, how can you make certain you are choosing the right one for you? After all, what looks good on your BFF’s hands might look completely different on yours. Not to mention, just because you like a shape on someone else, doesn’t mean it is going to look great on you. So come with us as we discover the ultimate guide to seven different nail shapes that will make your hands look simply amazing! Believe us, you’ll never look the same way at your nail shape again!


Summer’s Here and So Are Fun and Flirty, Colorful Nails!

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