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WATCH: The Evolution of Pubic Hair

How has pubic hair changed throughout the years?

We all have it and yet many of us have mixed feelings about our pubic hair.  Indeed, it signals puberty and where you didn’t have hair before, all of a sudden, you have sprouted some.  And especially during your adolescence, pubic hair might seem alien and strange to you.  Some people love pubic hair in all of its glory. Others consider it a deal breaker when entering into a relationship.  In fact, one study revealed that 30% of men today consider having pubic hair a reason to not get into a relationship with someone!  While others actually need to see pubic hair to get turned on!

While some find the presence of pubic hair highly erotic, others find it repulsive and want that area completely clean shaven.  And cultural preferences clearly play a factor in whether or not you choose to keep your pubic hair.  That’s right, there is even fashion for your pubes. Which might seem sort of strange as not many people will be seeing them except one other person or a select few!  Yet, we meticulously groom and style our nether regions to a fare thee well.  In fact, we spend a great amount of both time and money to do so. Just like getting a manicure and pedicure is considered a part of good grooming, so is shaping, removing and altering our pubes.

So, come with us as we take a look at the evolution of pubic hair.  Take notes! Some styles just might surprise you and some you’ll find that you have done yourself! Some you might find appealing and others might downright repulse you.  And still others, well, you might say, “Ouch!”  But, as they say, what price beauty?


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