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WATCH: The 8 Most Iconic Bikini Moments of All Time

What are the most memorable bikini moments in history?

Ever since the bikini first made a splash on the scene in Ancient Rome, it has been causing a stir! Today’s modern day bikini was designed by Louis Reard and was named for the Bikini Atoll where the atomic bomb was being tested during the 1940s.

Since then, many “bombshells” have worn this risqu‚àö¬© garment that draws attention to whomever wears it! It has made many starlets famous for posing in a bikini as a pin-up. In fact during the war, many believed that pinups posted to the barrack walls are what kept soldiers fighting for their country! This makes sense as before the bikini, many considered it indecent for a woman to show her midriff area in public. Now, not only were women exposing their stomachs to the delight of men everywhere, they were enjoying it!

Today, the bikini is not considered as scandalous or racy as it once was. But women still have power when wearing one. And this power was observed during the 1960s sexual revolution. Women were not only wearing bikinis, they were also seeking jobs outside of motherhood, leading financially independent lives, and experiencing sexual freedom like never before.

Looking back through the decades, you might have noticed the style of bikini has changed throughout the years. In fact, it seems to be shrinking! Today, it is even a teenier bikini than before with lower waists and a thong behind!

Indeed, there are many definitive looks that the bikini has created, and each decade has brought memorable versions of this pop culture phenomenon. So come with us as we take a look at some of the most iconic bikini moments of all time! You might remember quite a few of them and there are some that are certain to surprise and titillate you, too!



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