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WATCH: How to Make Red Lentil Hummus With Roasted Garlic

This red lentil hummus with roasted garlic is a tasty treat your whole family will love!

Fall is upon us and with it comes Sunday football, family get-togethers, weekend sleepovers, and spending time with your friends and family! This season, why not make healthy and delicious red lentil hummus with roasted garlic!

Not only is this snack a delectable treat, it is also nutritious and healthy for you. Hummus made from red lentils is low in fat and high in protein, B vitamins, and iron. It is also an excellent source of fiber.

Garlic is considered by many to be one of the world’s healthiest foods! It is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, selenium, phosphorus, B1, and calcium. It’s not just for keeping the vampires away!

With a high nutritional profile, eating this tasty dish can help with our cardiovascular, immune, digestive, endrocrine, detoxification, and inflammatory systems. Plus, this recipe tastes so good that even your kids will be asking for more!

This is an ideal appetizer to bring to an outdoor barbecue, family get-together, or church event. Even though it sounds exotic, it is so easy to prepare! You’ll still have plenty of time to mingle with friends and you won’t be slaving over a hot stove for hours. After all, life is about spending time with the people you love and anything that makes life a bit easier is welcome. Less complication, great food, awesome company, and more time, what more can you ask for?

So come with us as we learn how to make red lentil hummus with yummy roasted garlic! This is a recipe you’ll want to hand down to future generations and you can even say it is your own! (Shhhh, we won’t tell!)


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