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WATCH: How to Make a Tempeh BLT

Let’s make a delicious BLT without meat!

If you’ve been watching recent trends lately, you might have noticed that adapting a plant-based diet was one of the most popular things to do last year.  Why are people doing this? Well, it is both healthy for you and the environment.  It’s also cruelty-free.

Did you know that meat contains saturated fat and cholesterol that can cause heart disease, stroke, and diabetes?  And that the commercialized meat industry causes 51 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions due to animal agriculture? Also, factorized farming is known for extreme animal abuse as animals are kept in unsanitary and unsatisfactory conditions until they are killed.

With this in mind, you might want to consider a meat-free diet. But what do you do if you happen to love the taste of meat? Well, there are several meat substitutes that look and taste like the real thing!  If bacon was one of your favorite treats, you can still have your favorite snack.

Tempeh can be flavored to taste pretty much like bacon.  It is crispy and has that smoky flavor most of us love. If you want to put it in a BLT, you can make a tempeh sandwich that your friends and family will love!

So, come with us as we take a look at how to make a tempeh BLT.  If you are intimidated by making it, don’t worry!  It is much simpler than it may sound. Once you’ve mastered a tempeh BLT, there are so many other vegan and vegetarian options that you can enjoy creating.

For every real meat that you have chosen to not eat, there are several delicious substitutes for you to make. So, enjoy your meals knowing they are good for you, the environment, and animals.


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