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WATCH: How to Make A Peach Mousse Julep

Celebrate the end of summer with a peach mousse julep!

Traditional mint juleps bring to mind the thought of sitting under the swaying cypress trees in Savannah, Georgia. Why not update this traditional cocktail by making a peach mousse julep!

The end of summer is an ideal time to have peach mousse juleps. After all, peaches are at the height of their season. They are sweet, juicy, and bursting with freshness right now, and there are a variety of peaches to choose from, too! Do you like the traditional yellow peach that has a hint of tart? Or perhaps you prefer a white peach that has lower acidity and is therefore sweeter? There are even donut peaches shaped like little UFOs that are also sweet and bursting with flavor. Whichever you prefer, all peaches are at their peak of perfection right now.

In addition, the other ingredients used to make a peach mousse julep such as apricots, limes, and mint leaves all taste their best right now. They are plentiful this time of year and therefore inexpensive. This is a great way to celebrate the end of summer with friends and family. Also, it is a great way to welcome upcoming fall! (We can hardly wait!)

Why not have a picnic, outdoor barbecue or get together with your loved ones? Take the time to appreciate each other and savor the moment. Life is always going to be busy, so make certain you take time out of your schedule to live life a little. Enjoy this super bubbly and pink drink as it is a cool and refreshing summer treat that everyone will love!

It’s also quick, easy, and fun to make! Before you know it, everyone will be in on the action!

To easily veganize this recipe, omit the gelatin and substitute the heavy cream for coconut cream!


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