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WATCH: Everything the Royals Love to Eat

What’s so special about royal meals?

For centuries, commoners have been fascinated with the Royals. Why? Probably because they lead lives that are so far from the norm. Everything they do seems exceptional and they are always under the scrutiny of the public eye. Royals are also known for luxury and everything that they see, touch, and experience must be the best of the best. And this is true also when it comes to their food.

We often fantasize what it would be like to be a Queen or King. Because of this, we may wonder what delicious meals that they must have each and every day. Well, you might be surprised that in many ways the Royal Family eats very much like us. In other ways, their meals couldn’t be more different than ours.

Surprisingly, for a family that has everything at their disposal, they are very frugal and practical when it comes to food. They disdain waste. They believe in using leftovers for future dishes.  They also believe in eating seasonally and organically whenever possible.  So, in this way, they set a good example for the rest of us.

Then, there are royal functions that involve dinners or luncheons. These are far more luxurious than we could imagine. With chefs, butlers, maids, and an entire staff of people on hand to create such affairs, these meals are the ones we fantasize about. Only the finest wines, desserts, and entrees are presented. Painstaking detail is also taken in creating the proper ambiance for such an event.

So, come with us as we take a look at everything the royals love to eat. Some of which might surprise you and some might make you feel like they are just like the rest of us!


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