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WATCH: An Avocado Soup That Will Forever Change Your Feelings About Gazpacho

If your feelings are so-so about gazpacho, you just might become a fan after trying this avocado soup!

There have always been mixed reviews when it comes to gazpacho. After all, most of us think of soup as being a hot item. We associate soup with cold, wintery days. Soups and stews are hearty, comforting, and filling. Gazpacho, well, isn’t. It is served cold, for starters, and this turns off a lot of people. Many have said it reminds them of drinking salsa! At least with salsa, you get crunchy corn chips with it!

Also, gazpacho is often blended (although many times things are added on top such as cilantro, chopped tomatoes, and sour cream) and many are not fond of this texture. All in all, the house is divided when it comes to fans of gazpacho and others who don’t like it.

Well, times are changing! Here is a gazpacho that is made with avocados that just might convince you to like the stuff! It is simple and easy to make, and it’s ideal for parties, events, and even a backyard bbq! Kids surprisingly like it and getting them to eat anything green is a win-win situation! In fact, you just might be shocked when they ask you for a second bowl!

For picky adults who don’t like to eat their veggies too, they’ll find this soup delightfully refreshing on a hot day and full of flavor! You just might make a veggie convert out of your meat-eating husband!

This gazpacho stores easily and some say that it tastes even better the next day. This is because the soup has had time to set overnight; all of the flavors blend and this makes for awesome leftovers! That is, if there are any leftovers!

Come with us as we watch how to make an avocado soup that will forever change your feelings about gazpacho!


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