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WATCH: 9 Things Women Who Love Makeup Are Sick of Hearing

What do women who adore makeup hate hearing?

First, let’s talk about who is being interviewed in this segment because it’s important.  If you haven’t heard of Huda Beauty, you are missing out on one of the biggest beauty sensations on social media today. Huda Kattan is based in Dubai and has over 22 million followers in social media. She’s a savvy business woman who has parlayed her fame into a line of cosmetics that include eye shadows, highlighters, brushes, lashes, and lipsticks, just to name a few.

What people love about her is her frankness and honesty. She is candid about what it’s like to be in the Middle East, their standards of beauty for women, plastic surgery, and more. It is this transparency that has gained her legions of followers.

In fact, she shows how to live all things beauty related! In this segment, she talks about what she hates to hear others say about her wearing makeup. She is a person who lives and breathes everything makeup, and others may criticize her for this. In this video, she is so forthright and hilarious at the same time. You just have to respect the girl, even if you don’t necessarily agree with what she is saying.

Putting on makeup is an art form. Like anything else artistic, you should have a right to apply it whenever and however you like, right?  I recall a friend of mine who also loves makeup. She said guys always complained that she wore too much. And when she wore less, they always said, “You look so much better with no makeup on.” She always laughed because she said, “Little do they know I have over eight products on my face when they said I was wearing nothing!”  She used cosmetics for herself, because SHE liked it. Not because she was trying to impress anyone else.

Let’s take a look at nine things women who love makeup are sick of hearing.  Maybe you’ve even heard some of these before!


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