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WATCH: 9 Celebs Who’ve Spoken Out Against Body Shaming

Let’s meet these celebs who promote body positivity!

The definition of body shaming is “the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.” In a nutshell, it’s another form of bullying and should not be accepted in society.  And who more than celebrities are constantly harassed and harangued for their bodies?

When you are celeb, one thing that you are constantly doing is walking down the red carpet. When this happens, the paparazzi take photos of you. These photos are then distributed all over the world to websites and magazines. When people view them, the body shaming begins.

Rather than making positive comments, many choose to bully those who don’t have the “ideal” body shape or size. This “ideal” body is usually up to the viewer’s discretion and quite often they are brutal, picking apart the celeb’s body from head to toe. Maybe the trolls who choose to do this are also unhappy with themselves? Whatever the reason, it causes others to dislike the way they look and can also cause low self-esteem.

Let’s take a look at nine celebrities who have spoken out against body shaming. They are all of different dress sizes and shapes, but, they have chosen to love themselves regardless of what other people say about their bodies. In the world of being a high-profile celeb, that is a tough thing to do.  You are forever under the scrutiny of Hollywood to maintain that “perfectly slim figure”.

Hopefully, by taking a stand against this type of bullying, these celebs are making a statement against the way our society shames those who don’t look “perfect”.  After all, who really is?


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