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WATCH: 8 Celebrities Who Are Also Musicians

Let’s take a look at these multi-talented celebrities!

We all have favorite actors and actresses that we love to follow. Usually they are on a hit television show or have been in a noteworthy film. But on occasion, your favorite stars are a bit more talented than you might think!

Not only are some celebrities talented actors, they can also sing and sometimes even dance! If they can do all three, they are called “triple threats”. And if they can sing and act, they are still extremely multi-talented!  Sometimes, you might be a fan of an actress or actor and didn’t even know they also sang! What a surprise! And some actors enjoy singing so much they actually become full-time musicians.

Others got their start in music rather than acting. You might be shocked to know that your favorite musician can also actually act. So, come with us as we take a look at eight celebrities who are also musicians. Some of them you might have never known they could even carry a tune, while others you’ve seen both of their careers grow hand in hand.

Whatever the case, you can certainly appreciate the talent they have and their love for entertaining, no matter where they choose to shine. Whether they sing, dance or act, they just love performing to the delight of an audience.

If you have that much talent, it is apt that you share it with the world. After all, they’ve been putting smiles across people’s faces since the beginning of their careers. With that much talent, they will probably be doing this the rest of their lives!

So, let’s hear it for these Triple Threats as you will probably recognize many of them on this video. After all, watching them inspires us to be the best that we can be!


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