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WATCH: 8 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Hairstyles

You’ve just got to try these “Game of Thrones” Hairdos!

Yes, you are probably like the throngs of fans who have just seen the season finale of “Game of Thrones”. Season seven was as fantastic as anticipated. Now, many are experiencing Game of Thrones withdrawal. You won’t get your Sunday night fix of this stellar show until the premiere of season eight that is months away. And unfortunately, the upcoming season will have only six episodes in total. It is also the series finale season!

Indeed, “Game of Thrones” is unlike any other show currently on air. It is the highest budgeted show with each episode costing approximately $10 million. It is shot in various locations all over the world including Ireland, Malta, Croatia, and Iceland. And in addition to majestic locations, it is also known for ornate costumes, wardrobe, makeup, and hair.

If you’ve been following the show since the beginning, you’ve can appreciate the attention to detail that the makeup and hair department put into their craft. You can also see how the hairstyles have changed throughout the seasons. Cersei Lannister, known as the evil blonde, originally had a long, flowing cascade of hair. Now, it is fashionably short and cropped, almost to a boy’s length. Daenerys Targaryen is famous for blonde wavy hair that she often wears in ornate braids that criss-cross around her head. And Sansa Stark is a fiery red head whose hairstyles reflect her noble upbringing.

So, if you can’t see “Game of Thrones” for a while, why not indulge yourself in these gorgeous “Game of Thrones” hairdos! After all, you probably admired them on Margaery Tyrell, Melisandre, and Arya Stark. These hairstyles are timeless, not too complicated to achieve, and also look great on almost everyone.

Look like you are getting ready to rule the Seven Kingdoms…at least until you get ready to watch season eight!


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