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WATCH: 7 TV Shows with Body-Positive Messages

These shows send a great message to us about our bodies!

For decades, the power of mass media has influenced our daily lives. It can do this overtly and also subconsciously without us even realizing it. Indeed, we watch hundreds of commercials each week and may not even realize the effect they have on us. They can affect what we purchase, what we eat, and how we view ourselves in relation to society.

In many ways this is a good thing.  We can be motivated and inspired by television. But in other ways, television shows and commercials can send a message to us that somehow we are inadequate and not “good enough”.  Perhaps this is illustrated most by perceptions on body image that we see on TV.

Not every woman is going to match up to the body that Pamela Anderson had on “Baywatch”. And not many women are naturally as slim and slender as Gwyneth Paltrow. However, on some television shows, these women are the norm.  They are not viewed as the 2% of the population that they probably actually represent. As a result, many women feel the need to aspire to these body ideals rather than accepting themselves for their own body size and shape. After all, not many grown women naturally weigh under 120 pounds and have 22 inch waists. Yet, on some shows, this is the norm.

So, come with us as we take a look at television shows that offer a positive body message.  These shows emphasize health over skinny and acknowledge the fact that women come in more than just one size.  These shows also offer a sense of acceptance to a younger and impressionable generation of girls, who will soon be dealing with the pressure that society places on women to be beautiful, thin, and shapely all at the same time.

Beauty comes in all different shapes, colors and sizes. And these television shows are here to prove it!


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