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WATCH: 7 Best Celebrity Catsuits

Do YOU remember these stunning celebrities in their catsuits?

I’ll never forget getting my first catsuit. It was at Neiman-Marcus in Dallas, Texas. I had just seen Julie Newmar portray Catwoman on the old Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. I was mesmerized by her. Standing six feet tall and every inch of her was dripping in black spandex that hugged every curve of her lithe body. Her catsuit was so form-fitting, it actually looked as if she was dipped into black paint. She and her catsuit were one and she looked sexy, powerful, and invincible-everything a woman should be.

Well, I thought to myself that I just HAD to have that catsuit.  So, my girlfriend and I went to Neiman’s Last Call and lo and behold, a size small catsuit was there amongst the racks. I nabbed it up immediately and ran for the dressing room. It was made of velvet and had stirrup feet so it wouldn’t ride up.  With a wide scoop neckline, it made your neck appear longer and more, well, catlike.  It was a match made in heaven and I took my prized catsuit home.

So many years later, the catsuit is still in fashion. It is a staple that has never gone out in fact.  It might not be something that you would wear everyday, but this one-piece, form-fitting outfit can be worn a multitude of ways. You can wear it during the day with flats. And you can dress it up at night with high boots or heels.

And be forewarned, all eyes will be on you when you wear a catsuit.  So if you like to command attention when you walk into a room, this is the outfit for you.

So, come with us as we take a look at the seven best celebrity catsuits! We think you’ll love them!


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