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WATCH: 6 Surprising Reasons You Have Greasy Hair

Ugh, you have greasy hair! Here’s why!

Gross, no one likes greasy hair. It reminds you of the kid in school who always had greasy hair, but everyone was afraid to tell him. Even today, you might have greasy hair and no one will let you know! It’s just one of those things that no one likes, but no one talks about! Greasy hair is a turn off and is not attractive. It also ruins the overall look you are trying to achieve. After all, you can have a stylish outfit, on point makeup, and cute accessories; but if you also have greasy hair, it’s simply pointless.

Today, people are saying you don’t necessarily have to wash your hair everyday. We’ve been told that by washing your hair daily, it can strip the precious oils from the shaft of your hair. This can cause hair to get damaged, fly away, and you can also get split ends. By allowing your natural oils to travel down the shaft of your hair, it will be protected, look shinier, and healthier than if washed on a daily basis. In addition, shampoos can be harsh and damaging on their own. So overwashing can also hurt your hair in the long run!

But, then how do we balance between washing your hair just enough to not look greasy and washing it too much to damage it? First, we need to find out why your hair can have that greasy look. Come with us as we take a look at six reasons why you might have greasy hair. The reasons just might surprise you! Watch these and soon you’ll be on your way to silky, shiny, and touchable hair that will make you stand out of the crowd!


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