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WATCH: 100 Years of Pajamas

Enjoy a century of your favorite sleep attire!

Have you ever wondered why we wear clothes to bed? After all, you are not seen in public when you sleep so where did the tradition of night clothing come from?

Most of us put on pajamas before we go to bed. Some of us wear comfy, soft pajamas made of cotton or lighter fabric. Others wear silk gowns. The tradition of wearing pajamas started before the 1880s. Up until this time, most Americans wore a long shirt to bed.  After this time, colonialists from England began to settle in the East. They noticed that Indians were wearing jackets and trousers. They found these items to be light weight and comfortable so their sleepwear began to change.

Pajama originates from the word “pyjama” that comes from “payjama”, a Persian word.  It means “leg garment”. After the 1880s, pajamas were worn in the hotter months, but in the 1920s, designers added “footies” and Americans began to wear them to keep warm at night.

Today, people not only sleep in pajamas, they also relax at home in them. But sleepwear has also become daywear recently. Haven’t you seen Millennials in the grocery store wearing pajamas? Stylish prints and fabrics on pajamas have made them fashionable to wear even outside of your home!

So come with us as we take a look at 100 years of pajamas! We’re certain some will remind you of your childhood and inspire you to wear some today!


Pajama Party Girl Style

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