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WATCH: 100 Years of Black Hair

See a century of beautiful black hairstyles!

There is a saying: “Black is beautiful.” And no more is this apparent than when admiring black hair.  Black hair can be thick, curly, and wavy. It is lush and full of body. It is sexy and rich in color. As a result, for centuries women have loved styling their gorgeous hair!

Throughout the years, black hair has also represented cultural and political movements as well.  At times, black women have chosen to straighten their curly hair. Some have said this was to emulate a white woman’s hair that was naturally straighter. Some even called straightened hair, “good hair” because the wearer looked less black and more white. Because of this, some African Americans have believed this was a motion against self-love and self-acceptance. In retaliation, some women began to wear afros and kept their hair 100% real to show they were proud of their curlier hair.

I wonder if black women simply wanted to straighten their hair without thought of any cultural or political significance? Perhaps they just wanted to wear a different look for awhile? After all, if a white woman chooses to put curlers in her hair to make her hair super curly or wavy, why doesn’t someone say she is also making a cultural statement? A white woman can even use a crimper to make her hair look similar to a black woman’s hair and I haven’t heard anyone saying she is making a political statement. For that matter, if an Asian woman chooses to either curl or straighten her hair, I ‘ve never heard anyone say that she is trying to emulate another race.  Just a thought.

Whatever your preference and beliefs, black hair has adapted many shapes and styles throughout the years. So come with us as we take a look at 100 years of black hair!


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