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Wardrobe Essentials – 10 Staple Pieces Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Are you a woman? I’ll wait while you check. Good to go? Great, then you’re going to need to make sure you have these 10 staple pieces in your wardrobe, especially if you want to be functional when you walk out the door. These all have a time and a place, and you’ll know it when it happens.

Good Jeans

You have your everyday jeans, and then you have your ‘good’ jeans. Yeah, you know exactly what we’re talking about; the expensive, fitted jeans, that really showcase the lower half of your body. They’re the ones that really showcase your personality, and you’re going to wear them when you go out with friends; they’re not exactly date material.

Little Black Dress

Do you have a little black dress? If not, you need one. There are so many different appropriate options for a night out and when you are choosing your LBD, you need to make sure you’re picking something that goes along with your unique style. Do you like the plunge neckline? The v-neck? Sleeveless? Sleeves? Off the Shoulder? The most important thing you can do is get an LBD that flatters all of your features and becomes uniquely you.

Timeless Black Heels

Novelty heels are great for the moment, but they go out of style and usually end up collecting dust at the back of your closet (do you remember those elastic sandals from the 90’s?). A pair of timeless black heels never go out of style, and what you’re looking for is the typical closed-toe stiletto heel that just reeks of femininity. You’ll want to invest some serious money into these because they need to last you for a decade or more.

A Set of Pearls

Save these for your important dates, and know that they will go perfectly with your little black dress and timeless heels. They’re going to be a bit expensive but well worth it for making the first impression, whether it’s with a date, or at a job interview.

A Peacoat

Like the heels we mentioned earlier, peacoats are absolutely timeless. Women’s peacoats do a great job of hugging the contours of the body and bring out your best features, even when you’re bundling up for the winter. Plus, they usually have some pretty extensive details that will catch the eye and make you stand out. The cool thing about peacoats, is that there are so many different styles and brands; it’s almost impossible to find yourself looking anything bus absolutely unique as you walk down the street. Break this out for dates and other engagements when you’re not shoveling snow or hiking a snow covered trail.


These are mostly needed during the summer when you want to be dressy but still casual. Espadrilles are usually a wedge shoe with a plaited fiber sole, and the shoe itself can come in many different forms. From strappy, all the way across the spectrum, you’ll be covered for those warm spring and summer days.

A Fitted Black Turtleneck

A turtleneck can be one of the most amazing additions to your wardrobe, especially if its fitted. These can be great for job interviews or formal events where you want to show off your figure, but you want to leave a lot to the imagination. They can be flattering, but they can still be modest; add one to your wardrobe now.

A Good Pair of Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are perfect for summer. They can be pretty flattering, but they’re also great for walks on the beach or a trip to the grocery store.

A Plain T-Shirt in each Black, White, and Gray

Sometimes you don’t want to dress up but you should still have some pretty nice casual options. A plain t-shirt in all three options (fitted, please) allow you to grab and go, whether you’re heading to the store or the movie theater. Women’s t-shirts can be very expensive, but companies like . ‘Just My Size’ have some outstanding deals.

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