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Want to Boost Your Creativity? Go Outside!

The intoxicating fragrance of flowers in bloom, a warm summer’s breeze, the warming glow of the sun on your skin and hair … do we needed more reasons to get outside?
Science has shown there are a multitude of benefits to getting out into nature including stress relief, immune system boost, sharper thinking, and creativity.
Here are some ideas for making the most of the great outdoors.

Outdoor Yoga

Be it at a beach, a park, or on the roof of a building, where better to do your sun salutation than under the sun?
As the weather warms up, the opportunity for outdoor yoga increases; besides Yelp, you can check the schedule for your local parks, and even activewear stores, to see how good your tree pose stands up outside the studio.

Live Music

Is it just us, or does a live band outdoors just take you back to carefree summer memories?
Grab your most comfortable dancing shoes, your best friends, and your favorite beverage, and enjoy the scene.

Movie in the Park

In recent years, the outdoor movie trend has completely taken off, and we are not complaining!
Whereas a Netflix marathon can make a hermit out of anyone (guilty), an outdoor movie is a great opportunity to meet friends, socialize on a picnic blanket in the grass, grab a nibble (food trucks or bring your own), and do something you already love in an environment that’s beneficial to your health.

Nature Adventure

What about a class at the botanical gardens on growing your own herbs?
Learn to forage wild plants on a hike?
Tai chi in the park?
Why not!
Trying something totally outside of your usual routine (or comfort zone) is a great way to expand who you are by experiencing something new.
Who knows?
You might end up loving it, or you even end up discovering the next big trend.

It’s about time we all started reaping the benefits of being outside. There are millions of reasons to go outside, so go pick your favorite and head on out the door! The burst of fresh air and the change of environment will do your body good!

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