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Want a Hygienic Home? Do This

Are you tired of living amid dust, dirt, and general unhygienic conditions? Don’t feel alone, because many working adults just don’t have the time or energy to do housecleaning as they should. Sure, everyone makes a try at straightening up their living space during a few free hours each weekend. But that’s usually not enough. To keep viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, unsightly grime, and scores of other unwanted substances from accumulating in your house or apartment, you need to spend time and effort to do the job right. Of course, the ideal situation is when you can hire a professional service to take care of the intensive chores while you do the light ones yourself. Here’s a rundown of what everyone should do to achieve a clean looking, chemically hygienic home.

Take a Hygiene Inventory

Before deciding whether to hire experts or tackle the whole task alone, do a detailed hygiene inventory. Clipboard or phone in hand, walk the indoor premises and note areas that need cleaning, show obvious buildup of grime or mold, could use regular vacuuming, or are in dire need of an annual deep clean service.

Cover the Costs

Professional maid service for houses and apartments are not high-priced affairs. However, if your living space hasn’t been attended to for more than a year, deep cleaning should be your first priority. Paying for an initial and recurring monthly service can be pricey during the first few months. That’s when your space needs to most attention. The good news is that you can take out a personal loan from a private lender to get all those year-one cleanup expenses taken care of. After that, every other week maid service and your own touch up work can keep the hygiene level up to par. Especially for homeowners, getting a personal loan to cover all the related costs is a wise investment in keeping a home relatively free of viruses and dangerous mold.

Choose a Competent Cleaning Company

The good news for consumers is that there are many maid and home cleaning companies to choose from. The standard maid service businesses often focus more on every day, recurring cleanup, dusting, and light housekeeping. But, you won’t know unless you ask, so when speaking with companies, be sure to find out if they have experience doing deep cleans and other heavy work. Before hiring anyone, get references and check legitimate online reviews. Consider trying out a few different providers before settling on one that you use long-term.

Do Some of the Work Yourself

It’s possible to save a significant amount on recurring fees by doing a few select chores yourself, particularly regular vacuuming, and mopping. Companies tend to charge higher fees for these tasks and they’re ones you can do on your own by devoting just an hour or two per week. Don’t plan on doing annual deep cleaning as a DIY project. The equipment alone would cost you far too much and the professionals do an excellent job in most cases. For in between chores like dusting, wiping down walls, washing windows, and scrubbing bathrooms, leave it to the service. Consider every other week appointments for a few months until you see if more frequent attention is required.

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