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WAGS Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson Talk Fashion, Fans, and Future Collabs

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Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson are part of the cast of WAGS but are also making a name for themselves outside of the E! show. With over 3 million followers combined on Instagram and another 200K+ subscribed to their joint YouTube channel, they are two of today’s biggest fashion and beauty influencers.

Season 2 of WAGS will conclude at the end of August, so we decided to ask them about how their lives have changed since WAGS started, what fans ask them about most, and what advice they would give to those who aspire to be like them.



Q&A with Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson

Do your fans ask you more about makeup or fashion?

OP: Hmmm, that’s a great question! I think makeup would take the win. Fans love our makeup tutorials on our YouTube channel the most!

NH: I would have to say it’s a tie!


What kind of look do your fans love on you the most? When you’re sweet, sexy, trendy, or something else?

OP: I think they love either full glam or little to no makeup, no in-between. When I am glammed up, they love the highlighter and lashes and always ask what I use, but I also see a lot of comments from my fans that they want to see me toned down and fresh-faced!

NH: I would have to say sexy. When I post a sexy outfit as opposed to a really trendy photo on Instagram, people like it so much more.


Both of you have an incredible social media following. What kind of advice do you have for up-and-coming models who want to make it using Instagram?

OP: I think socials media and apps like Instagram paved a new lane for people who may not have access to big modeling agencies or just not knowing where to start. So that being said, don’t be too extra with your posts, keep it classy, and the right person will see it. The one thing I’ve stayed true of is not taking every piece of clothing off for ‘likes’ or ‘views’. I think if you ‘got it’, the right person will see that in your photos and you’re more than just a ‘naked Instagram girl’.

NH: I am just a girl who likes taking pictures and sharing them with followers. I feel so honored that people like the photos I take.



Natalie Halcro

Natalie Halcro


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