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VIVA GLAM’s Sexiest Top 20 Paige Collings


Fun and flirty Paige Collings believes you should stay true to yourself!

Gorgeous Paige Collings is a true California blonde. Born and raised in Huntington Beach,
this Southern California beauty believes in the power of positive thinking, finding your passion and most of all, gratitude. She’s passionate about the teachings of life coach Tony Robbins and ascribes to his quote, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

Top 20 Sexiest-2017-Paige-Collings-Korakia-Pensione-Maaji-swim-wooden-chair, Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup Hair Yaniv Katzav

Maaji Swimwear

Indeed, life as been full of abundance for Paige! Not only is she a model, she’s an actress who has appeared on “Rosewood” and “Pearl: A Fashion Film”.
Her star is definitely rising as she is motivated and focused on success.

In fact, one of the keys to her success she believes is reading “The Secret” and manifesting her own destiny in life. She also believes in the power of positivity. Paige not only lives this way, but also influences others in a positive way by her upbeat and friendly attitude.

Top 20 Sexiest-2017-Paige-Collings-Korakia-Pensione-Maaji-swim-doorway, Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup Hair Yaniv Katzav

Maaji Swimwear

She is a model who is obviously gorgeous on the outside. But believe it or not, she’s actually more beautiful on the inside. Her inner beauty is what makes her so very special. There are many beautiful women in the world, but Paige stands out of the crowd by her humble nature, happiness, and desire to better the world, not just herself. Because of this, she is appreciated and respected by all that have the opportunity to meet her. Way to go, Paige!

Top 20 Sexiest-2017-Paige-Collings-Maaji-swim-Headshot, Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup Hair Yaniv Katzav

Maaji Swimwear

To keep up on the latest on model Paige Collings, follow her here:

Instagram @paigecollings

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