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VIVA GLAM’s Favorite Vegan Cheese Brands

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You’ve got to try these yummy dairy-free cheeses!

If you believe in eating a diet free of animal products, it doesn’t mean you can’t have cheese. Many people believe that you can’t eat cheese, yogurt or even ice cream and this is simply not the case!

Rather, vegans and vegetarians enjoy delicious cheese that is made from a variety of different ingredients including nuts, soy protein, and even coconut oil. These cheeses don’t use milk from cows or goats and are 100% cruelty free. If you’ve heard that vegan cheese doesn’t taste as good as real cheese, don’t believe it. Vegan cheese goes through a bacterial and aging process similar to real cheese, so the same great flavors and textures are now achievable. Here are some of our favorite vegan cheeses that we know you’ll just love!

Kite Hill Soft Fresh Original Cheese

Pair this cheese with olives, nuts and fresh fruit for a taste sensation you’ll absolutely love.

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