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VIVA GLAM in the Rain Room at the LACMA

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The Rain Room at the LACMA has become of the biggest social media phenomenons in the Los Angeles area. A room where it’s raining but you don’t get wet? Angelenos were all over this!

The Rain Room has been on display since November 1st and will be at the LACMA until April 24th. It has been sold out for months so when we were invited to a special press viewing, we were very excited.

The Rain Room is a large-scale installation by the London-based artist collective Random International. Since its inception, Random International has taken inspiration from LACMA’s Art and Technology program (1967-1971) by pairing art with science; fittingly, this has come full circle.

The Rain Room is an immersive installation as visitors can walk through it and experience it from many different angles. The Rain Room replicated the experience of a continuous rainfall but once inside, visitors are simultaneously exposed to and protected from the rain. The rain is mostly visible due to a bright light in a far corner and motion sensors detect visitors from all around.

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