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VIVA GLAM Destination Crush: Things to Do in Palm Springs

What should you do on a dream vacation to Palm Springs?

Fall is upon us and now is the ideal time to visit Palm Springs! With temperatures soaring in the summer, Palm Springs has ideal temperatures in the fall and winter. In fact, fall ushers in the high season for visitors. The desert air is dry and not humid, and being outdoors is both pleasurable and therapeutic for many. Here are some activities and places to visit when in this glamorous city!

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens-If you love both flora and fauna, you’ll enjoy exploring the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens! With over 1,000 acres of desert ecosystem to see, you can easily spend all day here watching bighorn sheep, lizards, tortoises, and many other small animals! Just be certain to bring a hat because it can be hot at The Living Desert as most of it is outdoors.

living zoo

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