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VIVA GLAM Crush: Jordana Woodland, Model and Founder of Naked Princess

Jordana Woodland, creator of Naked Princess, inspires us all!

Talk about being a Jack-of-all-trades! Jordana Woodland is not only a gorgeous supermodel, she’s also a business woman and mother of three!

Ever since she was little, Jordana loved the “art of dressing” and believed that every woman should have her own boudoir. So in 2009, she launched her own lifestyle brand, Naked Princess, which features lingerie, loungewear, home accessories, and beauty products!

Who loves Naked Princess? Well, supermodel Cindy Crawford, Lady Gaga, and actress Mindy Kaling for starters!

She’s very hands-on with everything that she does and she believes that a boudoir is a sanctuary that women can use for balancing their daily lives. After all, she knows how busy life can be for women these days as is mom to three young children herself, but she still believes in being a dynamic personality that is feminine all of the time. Plus, she lives her brand each and everyday — that means living life to the fullest and only accepting the highest standard of excellence in everything that she does.

VIVA GLAM loves her because one of her main goals is to help to empower other women to lead positive and fulfilled lives.

After learning about Jordana, we believe that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it! Model mom, entrepreneur, and a beautiful person both inside and out, you CAN have it all if you just believe in yourself like Jordana Woodland. She is a woman who focused on what she wanted in life and achieved her goals through perseverance, hard work, and sheer determination.


To find out more about VIVA GLAM Crush Jordana Woodland and Naked Princess,

follow her here:

IG: jordana_woodland



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