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VIVA GLAM Approved Mini Travel Kits

Everyone should have a good mini travel kit on hand, for when they’re on the go. After all, just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean that you should use inferior beauty products! Here are some of our favourite travel sets that are available now. They’re all cruelty-free and are fantastic for you and your skin.

  • Burt’s Bees Life’s An Adventure Kit: This kit is excellent value for money
    and packs a lot in for what you pay. There’s a hydrating lip balm, cuticle cream, milk and honey body lotion, shea butter hand repair cream, and facial cleansing towelettes. These are all minis of some of the best Burt’s Bees products out there, and it’s worth buying the kit just to check them out. Proceeds from their sales at the moment will go to British beekeepers, too.
  • Kai Travel Set: This travel kit is wonderfully minimalist and will look great sat on your hotel vanity. It contains all your essentials for while you’re away: shampoo and conditioner, body wash, body lotion, linen wash, and a bottle of perfume oil. The packaging, including the hemp bag, is all 100% recyclable too.
  • Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour And Highlighting Kit: Just because you want to use cruelty-free items, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up on the latest makeup trends. This kit contains everything you need to achieve the contour look that’s so in right now. The palette is travel-friendly, and includes a large portable mirror so you can make up on the go. It’s perfect for almost all skin tones, and even includes guides for those who are new to contouring.
  • Jane Iredale Cosmetics: This brand offers a refillable powder brush that makes getting glam on the go a cinch. It comes filled with loose powder, which you just brush straight on for a no fuss finish to your look. When the bottle runs out, simply refill it. It’s an essential for anyone’s make up bag.
  • Lorac Rose And Revelry Pro Matte Set: With this little palette sitting in your purse, you have a secret weapon. At any time, you can completely create a new look just out of what it can offer you. In the palette are eight different Pro Matte eye colours, a liquid eyeliner, a lip gloss, and a lipstick. With this set on hand, who needs to take a whole make up kit with them on their travels?

The key to a good travel beauty kit is simplicity. You can’t bring the whole kit with you, so don’t try. Instead, pick out what’s essential to you, and bring that. That means you can create your own travel beauty kit, made up of all the different items that you need. It’s also worth shopping for travel or sample sized versions of your favourites when you’re about to embark on a trip, in order to save space.

These are our favourite kits; give them a try and see what you think. We bet you’ll love them.

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