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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Ottawa, Ontario

There’s something extra special about being in a capital city. For the purpose of politics, capitals bring together people from all walks of life to further what they feel is best for their country, city, or even their small community. To complement these gathering places for all of the inhabitants comes the rest of an engaging community: walkable and lively city streets, great food and drink, and the arts. Ottawa has of all this and more in this beautiful, remote city in Ontario.

Almost poetically, Ottawa lies on the border of Ontario, the most populated province, and Quebec, the most nationalistic province. Acting like a mediator or the middle sibling of Canada, the capital almost seems to keep everyone together, merging both the English-speaking Canadians and the French-speaking Quebecois into one flourishing community.

What many people don’t know about Ottawa is that 80% of the total land is still rural, with the remaining 20% of land used for the city and downtown area. So while this city may not be as
large and popular as its nearby cities, Toronto and Montreal, it still has plenty to offer anyone who chooses to visit or reside in Ottawa.

Ottawa has a quite a few neighborhoods full of great boutiques, vegan restaurants, sports arenas, and beautiful architecture. While many tourists visit Ottawa in the summer for the hotter weather, we highly encourage visiting the city during any season. In the fall, Gatineau Park (just a few miles north of the city) turns into an autumn paradise full of breathtaking foliage, the intense winter freezes the Rideau Canal allowing tourists and locals to commute (yes, commute) to and from areas on skates, and no matter how cold/hot the temperature is, the Parliament is one of the most picturesque buildings in the world. If you’re planning a trip to Canada, we know you’ll be adding Ottawa to the list after you see what this beautiful city has to offer.

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Parliament of Canada





caf‚àö¬© is what we like to call luxury vegan cuisine. It is definitely upscale, but its environment is much more relaxed than a fine dining restaurant. The prices are also more along the lines of an LA brunch than the Four Seasons, which is great for everyone’s wallet.

Chef Briana Kim is a true master crafting expertly hand-crafted vegan charcuterie boards, shared plates, and tasting menus.
This vegetable-focused menu is one of the most extraordinary in all of Canada — plant-based or not.

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Vegan charcuterie board: oyster mushroom calamari, fennel pepperoni, apple sage sausage, wheatberry meatballs, beet tartare, carrot yolk, smoked carrot salmon, nori tapioca chips, kale chips, cashew dill herb sauce, and almond milk deviled eggs.

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Carbonated Tomato Soup

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Zucchini Blossom Corsage

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Blueberries with couscous, golden beets, celery, and dehydrated olive oil.

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Orange Cream Mousse Cake


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