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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Montreal, Quebec

Antidote Bouffe Végane


We all have a romantic image of a European cafe. The idea of waltzing into a random establishment, ordering light eats, and experiencing an afternoon with no care in the world is something we all crave. Antidote can fulfill that fantasy. For the ultimate vegan breakfast that’s healthy, filling, and no doubt Instagram-worthy, indulge in a breakfast or lunch at Antidote.

A vegan breakfast option

A vegan breakfast option

Two vegan smoothies

La Panthere Verte


This spot features vegan menu items with sustainable, organic ingredients. Here you can find bowls, sandwiches, light eats, and tasty desserts. Like Copper Branch, there are also multiple hubs of La Panthere Verte in Montreal.

Vegan Tiramisu

St-Viateur Bagels


It wouldn’t be a visit to Montreal without tasting the local bagels. What makes Montreal bagels different from a New York bagel is the fact that they’re more baguette-like, and may be dipped in honey. St-Viateur has delighted Montreal since 1957 and has been a local and tourist favorite ever since. No matter your schedule, you can always make time to visit as they are open 24 hours a day!

Bagels at St-Viateur

Fairmount Bagel


Ah, the other bagel shop; although, Fairmount came years before St-Viateur. Since 1919, Fairmont Bagels has made hand-rolled bagels in their woodfire oven. Locals will often bicker over who they prefer — Fairmount or St-Viateur. It’s best to find out for yourself instead of getting swayed by others’ opinions. Upon entering the shop, you have a good chance of being encumbered by stacks of bagels from the day-of and day before. Don’t hesitate to grab a fresh bagel as well as a dozen more before you leave.

Sata Sushi

Vegan (separate menu)

While Sata Sushi may not be a 100% vegan restaurant, they have a very tasty vegan menu that’s so much more than a cucumber or avocado roll. Indulge here if you’re craving incredible vegan sushi.

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Sophie Sucrée


One would think that croissants without butter would taste like a plain-ol’ roll. But boy would they be wrong. The croissants at Sophie Sucr‚àö¬©e are some of the best in the world and they are 100% vegan! An added bonus, they don’t flake so you won’t have to search for crust in your top throughout the day. Besides croissants, they also have wonderful cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and so much more.

Croissants at Sophie Sucrée

A vegan cupcake from Sophie Sucrée

Robin des bois


We admire any business that prioritizes community-building and giving back to those in need. Translating to “Robin Hood”, Robin des Bois is a not-for-profit organization which donates to local field organizations. Most of their staff are volunteers so the restaurant can keep their costs as low as possible. Of course, they have professional chefs in the kitchen to guide any volunteers, which is why the food is still very tasty.

Inside Robin des Bois

Asian salad with grilled tofu

Soup of the day

Vegan dessert with coconut cream and almond slivers

Got stress? Donate $1 to the restaurant and you can throw a plate in their designated room!

Invitation V


This 100% vegan restaurant pays tribute to cuisine from all over the world. If you’re looking for a classy, beautiful, and inspiring place to eat, this should be your among your top choices.

Arepera Du Plateau


Arepas have a reputation for being one of the most flavorful street food items in the world. Luckily, Montreal has an authentic Venezuelan establishment to show you just how it’s done. Among rainbow-colored buildings and beautiful homes, you will find this small restaurant nestled in the middle of this picturesque neighborhood of Mont-Royal. With seven vegetarian options and four vegan options, you can dine all day and not break the bank. Dig in!

A variety of vegan and vegetarian arepas

A vegan arepa with mushrooms

Chu Chai


Didn’t we say Montreal had a range of global vegetarian cuisine? Here’s another fun example! This popular spot on Rue Saint-Denis has vegan thai cuisine; they even make their meat replacements from scratch! Try everything from their beloved soups and appetizers to their vegan crispy duck.

Dumplings in a peanut sauce

Veggie shrimp

Two cocktails from Chu Chai


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