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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Vegan food in Halifax? Yes, it’s worth the trip.

Many Americans assume that major cities with millions of citizens are the only places where they can explore new trends — everything from clothing and food, to education and automobiles. But while Halifax may seem far from the mainland U.S. and Canada, and therefore separated from modernity, Halifax is a thriving city of 500 thousand citizens and is just as modern as the cities in New England and New Brunswick just across the bay.

This booming city is full of walkable city streets, ocean views, nightlife, and incredible architecture. Along every street, your eyes will gaze upon buildings as old as the 1700s on one side, and admire new luxury apartments on the other. A constant reminder of the amalgamation of history and community, Halifax is a destination not to be missed.


While many tourists may visit the city on a cruise and dream of dining on the local seafood, Halifax has a seen a growth in their vegan community over the last decade, and has plenty of options for everyone of all diet preferences.

enVie-A vegan Kitchen


This vegan kitchen and juice bar was our favorite vegan restaurant in Halifax, and was one of our favorites in all of Canada. At enVie, you can get elevated vegan versions of your favorite dishes, such as poutine, buffalo wings, and a Caesar salad. But you can also experience their homemade vegan charcuterie boards with gruyère, mushroom paté, kale and hemp seed pesto, sautéed oyster mushrooms, apple smoked cheddar, and so much more. This place truly knows how to elevate simple ingredients and make them extraordinary, while also making the ultra sophisticated dishes look just as good as they taste.

Highlights: Buffalo Wings, Charcuterie Board, Caesar Salad.

Cauliflower Beet Soup

Buffalo wings: King Oyster Mushrooms with a side of a vegan blue cheese dressing

Charcuterie board featuring sautéed oyster mushrooms, kale and pistachio hummus, and a tofu chèvre.

Caesar salad: kale, coconut bacon, hemp seeds, and a vegan caesar dressing.

Cauliflower Steak: Orange braised cauliflower steak, smoked carrot purée, chard cucumber emulsion, with a crispy leek and micro greens salad.

Green Giant pressed juice


Blue Apples


In the middle of Downtown Halifax, it’s very easy to stumble upon this natural products store. Directly upstairs, you’ll find an adorable vegan restaurant offering coffee and tea, smoothies, light entrees, salads, sandwiches, soups and all-day breakfast. Don’t leave without trying their Blue Apples Burger as their addition of spiced blueberry chutney is a game changer!

Blue Apples Burger and Tropical Smoothie

Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar


If you wished you could enjoy brunch every day of the week, then this is the place to go. Their brunch is served all day every day. From homemade veggie lox to their banana nut french toast, you can please both the savory and sweet palates in your party.

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