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Vegetarian Michelin Star Restaurants You Need to Visit

Plant-based Michelin Star restaurants you should try!

For those of you who might not know, The Michelin Guide is an annual book that awards stars of excellence to a few restaurants throughout the world. The chefs at Michelin Star restaurants know it’s a big deal and take the honor seriously. This guide also gives recommendations for anything they think might become Michelin Star restaurants in the future. And now that plant-based diets are so very popular, there are vegetarian restaurants that have been recommended by The Michelin Guide! Here are a few that you’ve just got to try.

Blossom.ÆNew York City, NY.

There are now four locations of this plant-based restaurant in Manhattan for you to choose from! The focus here is on organic, locally harvested ingredients. And this restaurant has been featured in numerous magazines as it is well-known beyond New York! You’ll love their small plates and cocktails!

blossom restaurant NYC, Michelin star restaurants

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