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Vegan Tattoos: Why Cruelty-Free Ink is Here to Stay

Every day, more and more people from all over the world are aware of the damage that has been done to natural resources and how important it is to take care of the environment and protect all living animals.

Vegans are among those that reject the use and consumption of any product of animal origin or that has been tested in them. As far as vegan tattoos are concerned, this relates to the needles that are used to tattoo to the creams that are applied so that the design heals, and it even goes to something that few people think about: the ink.

Are All Tattoo Inks Cruelty-Free?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many inks contain among their components ingredients of animal origin such as insects’ bones. For example, black, one of the most used colors in the world of tattoo (and an almost universal tone in all designs) is made from the burning of animal bones.

In other cases, the ink manufacturing involves glycerin, which is created from the extraction of animal fat, something that does not align with the vegan principles and philosophy.

Vegan Ink

Vegetable inks that are used in vegan tattoos come in a wide range of equally interesting and intense tones.
Not only it is the most ethical and natural option for the environment and animals, vegan ink also has another special advantage: its hypoallergenic nature makes the body more easily to assimilate and the design heals better and with fewer problems.

It is not true, as it has been widespread in certain corners of the internet, that vegetable inks used in vegan tattoos tend to fade faster or that it is necessary to recolor your design more frequently.

Here’s a list of cruelty-free ink that you can ask for in your tattoo parlor:

Southeast Tattoo Supply

Southeast is 100% vegan. Its formula contains nothing but natural and plant-based ingredients.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

This brand comes in bold, bright tones, and the color comes from burnt plant material.

Crazyhorse High-Quality Lining Ink

This brand is 100% vegan, made in the United States, and made from organic ingredients.

So, forget about the myths surrounding it and embrace your veganism fully with vegan ink.

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