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Vegan Whipped Cream is Now on the Peet’s Coffee Menu

Earlier this summer, Peet’s Coffee debuted several coconut-themed beverages: the Coconut Creme Latte, Coconut Solstice Tea, and Coconut Creme Javiva. All of these beverages could easily be ordered with non-dairy milk and coconut
whipped cream to make them vegan. Due to the popularity and the overall demand for the coconut whipped cream, it is officially here to stay!

Patrick Main, the Senior R&D Manager of Peet’s, released a statement on the permanent addition of the coconut whipped cream. “Coconut has always been popular amongst our customers, so we’re thrilled to bring it back in a big way.”

Last week, Starbucks announced that they were officially adding almond milk to the menu. And their biggest Instagram trend of the summer, the always colorful rainbow drinks, are also vegan. It’s obvious that vegans are finally being heard around the country and changes are being made to some of the most popular menus in the world.

Which companies do you think will follow suit?



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