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Vegan Cuts: Discover New Vegan Products with This Subscription Box

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Vegan products are starting to become more mainstream than ever before. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are popping up in both large retailers and smaller boutique stores all across the country. But like with any other category
with hundreds of options, it can be overwhelming and expensive to try all of the brands to find the ones you like. That’s why you’re starting to see subscription boxes pop up left and right as they curate around the needs of the customer; in this case, Vegan Cuts discovers the best vegan snacks AND vegan beauty products and ships them to your door every month.
We tried both the snack box and beauty box so you know what you’re in for when you subscribe!



In the snack box I received, I enjoyed a selection
of drinks, bars, and sweets. Some of the items also came with coupons so you can keep enjoying their products at a discounted cost. For only $19.95/month (free shipping), it was a fun way to be introduced to more vegan options.


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