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Use Fabric to Make Arts and Crafts

Fabric is a great material for arts and crafts. Compared to paper, it is more durable and flexible. Plus, it is colorful, especially if you use colored or printed textile. So, if you have fabric scraps in your home, you can turn them into beautiful artwork. To give you a better view, here are some fabric arts and crafts ideas you can do.

1. Fabric Wreaths

Wreaths are a great item of decor you can place on your wall or door to make your room more inviting. Plus, they are easy to craft.

The first step in making a fabric wreath is to twist a wire into a circle, creating a frame for your wreath. Afterward, you can tie your fabric scraps around the frame. To get a uniform look, you can cut the fabric scraps into rectangular pieces. Aside from that, you have to push the knots together to make the wreath voluminous. Finally, tie a thin ribbon so that you can hang the wreath.

2. Fabric Necklaces

Fabric necklaces are among the best fabric arts and crafts ideas you can make because you can wear them. This type of necklace will look great when paired with a white shirt or blouse.

The first step to make a fabric necklace is to cut or tear your fabric scrap into three long strips. Afterward, braid the three strips together, creating a rope for your necklace. Depending on your preference, you can either make the rope short or long. Then, braid two more ropes. The three ropes can have varying lengths, preferably about a two-inch difference.

Once you’ve braided the three ropes, align their ends together using hot glue. You should glue the other ends. Afterward, attach the two ends with hot glue. Finally, you can cover the area where the two ends meet with a small piece of fabric.

3. Drawstring Bag

Another great project you can with your fabric scraps is a drawstring bag. You can use this bag to store your makeup, phone, or other accessories.

To make a drawstring bag, face two fabric scraps. The right sides should face each other. Then, raise the bottom portion of the top fabric, and place hot glue on the entire seam, and press it together while the glue is still hot.

The next step is to lay a ribbon across the top portion of the fabric, about half an inch below the top portion. From there, place hot glue below the ribbon and fold the fabric, creating a pocket for the ribbon. Afterward, turn over the fabric, then repeat the previous steps with the other piece of fabric. You should use the same ribbon.

Afterward, you can secure the sides of your drawstring bag by applying hot glue along the edge. Finally, flip your bag inside out.

All in all, these are some of the best fabric arts and crafts ideas you can make. As you can see, most of these projects are easy to do, and you will surely enjoy making them.


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