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Upgrade Your Travel With These 2 Smart Finds


If you’re a traveler that loves to pack a traditional travel pillow on every trip but are now ready for an upgrade, the BULLREST may be your next favorite travel-mate. Unlike the typical floppy u-shaped pillows that we all have seen on the market everywhere, this space saving BULLREST made of memory foam is 80% smaller and fits all necks regardless of size and sex. The ergonomic design keeps your head aligned, comfortable and cool. The memory foam molds to your neck offering good posture alignment to avoid stick neck or shoulder pain issues.



BULLREST Travel pillow smart find


My top reasons for this great travel companion-

It’s easy to pack, takes up very little space

Comes with a carry pouch (use the carabiner to clip to your luggage).

Offers better alignment for good posture

Made of memory foam

Offered in a variety of colors.

And you won’t find yourself after waking up from a nap on your neighbor’s shoulders.

Can be found at,, and even



This stand out sleek carry-on luggage will keep you organized and worry free. The all inclusive features are the BEST part of this luggage; a front compartment that allows quick easy access to your laptops, tablet and electronics, a tracking feature (so you will never lose your luggage), control your suitcase lock via app feature, TSA compliant locks, smooth quiet wheels,
a built-in scale and best of all, a built-in USB to charge up your electronics when your battery is running low.


Travel Smart Find Bluesmart Luggage


What more could you ask for?


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