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Up Flying Yoga’s Unique Aerial Yoga Experience

The Must-Do Aerial Yoga Class for all Yogis

Up Flying Yoga in Studio City offers a one-of-a-kind experience at their aerial yoga classes. When I found out about these unique lessons, I knew that I had to try one for myself. After having attended one, I will surely go back for more.

Up Flying Yoga‘s classes incorporate strengthening your core while also finding the peaceful, meditative flow that yoga should always have. When I first arrived, I didn’t exactly know what to expect from them. But upon entering their cozy, intimate classroom, I found a handful of soft, aerial hammocks hanging in the space. I purchased grip socks, as it is necessary to help you grip onto the hammocks, and I was ready to go.

As we started the class, I had no idea what I was doing, but the instructor provided a lot of simple instructions that made the class easy to follow. Throughout the class, the hammocks could be pulled together to be used like ropes or spread out entirely to hide your whole body within them. The class offered a nice flow with multiple instances where we would hang upside down on the hammocks.

What made the class so unique is that it was a hard workout, a playful experience, and a meditative yoga event all in one. There were times where it became a real core workout as I pulled my body around and upside down on my hammock. There were times where spinning in the hammocks would produce a smile on my face, as it was fun. And there were times where I would be truly at peace with myself and my yoga process. During final savasana, the hammocks would spread out to cover you entire body as you laid within it, and that was a truly peaceful feeling. It’s a very rare thing to flow through all of those emotions in the same class, but that’s the experience that I had at Up Flying Yoga. It was a real treat.

They are located in the Studio City area off of Ventura Boulevard, so they are pretty close to many central locations. I would absolutely check them out if you get the opportunity to do so!

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