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Unusual Celebrity Weddings That Only Dreams Are Made Of

Can you believe that these usual weddings actually happened?

When you think of a wedding you might typically picture a rose garden, lovely dresses, a multi-tiered cake, and gourmet meal.
Well, some brides and grooms like to think out-of-the-box and have created weddings unique to themselves only.

Here are some of the most unusual weddings that have been created and the celebs who have made their unique, dream celebrations come true!
Take it from us, you won’t believe your eyes when you see what some people have done on the biggest day of their lives!

Kat Von D Heaven and Hell/ Vegan Themed Wedding

Leave it to tattoo artist and beauty maven, Kat Von D, to have a wedding that was a goth extravaganza! When Kat Von D married musician Rafael Reyes it was a celebration of dark delights! And since Kat is vegan, so was the repast that included a castle-themed wedding cake!


The beautiful bride and handsome groom!

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