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Unexpected Fashion Staples For Your Fall Attire

Unexpected or not, these trends are here to stay! Has it ever happened to you to hate something when it first comes out, but once you see other people styling it, you instantly change your mind? Well, today, we’ll talk about all the fashion staples you need for your fall attire but aren’t always as conventional as you might initially think.


If Bottega Veneta releases a design, you can be sure that it will be a best-seller within minutes, no matter how strange or unconventional it looks. Their latest design that took over the world like a storm is ankle-high wellie boots in striking colors such as green and blue. Other high-end brands joined on the trend, so you can expect to see these fashionable rain boots all over Instagram and among the biggest fashionistas in your town.

Micro Skirts

If you’re obsessed with showing legs, this will be your favorite trend. After seeing ultra-short, low-rise skirts on the Miu Miu runway, the whole world started going crazy over this trend. Thankfully, not everyone is ready to bring back low-rise, but it seems that most are here for micro skirts. Whether A-line or straight, these cuties should be very high up on your shopping list. We’ve all been in lockdown for so long that celebrating a night out with friends sounds much better if you’re flaunting a flattering embellished micro skirt.

All-Over-The-Place Prints

Clashing prints might be unexpected, but they look so good! If you’re a brave fashionmonger, then this season, you have to wear multiple prints in the same look. This trend comes straight from the runways, approved by huge designers like Tom Ford.

Stirrup Leggings

Are you ready for a blast from the past? Stirrup leggings were a staple back in the 80s and 90s, flaunted by style icons like Lady Diana. If you’re a Gen-Z, you’re probably confused as hell, and you weren’t even aware that these leggings existed. Well, welcome to the world of fashion where you can rock a pair of simple black leggings with the fiercest high-heels and call it a day! Stirrup leggings are so comfortable to wear, can be a part of your athleisure and dressy attires, and come in many colors. Most ladies tend to get them in black because it’s a color that’s easy to style and will look so fierce during fall and winter. Our favorite pair is a black latex one that we love styling with a white shirt, oversized coat, and embellished pumps.

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Fancy Casual

Mixing high-end with athleisure isn’t necessarily for everyone, but bloggers are doing it with so much skill that you’ll probably want to give it a try. Of course, if you’re not ready to experiment as much, you can always go high-low with a fabulous, oversized tulle skirt and a simple denim jacket or sneakers. The pros flaunt this trend by creating a dramatic contrast of fancy and sporty in the top and bottom parts of their outfits.


Ruching was a big deal only a few years ago, so if you still have those pieces you donned, it’s time to get them out of storage. This trend works great included in tops, dresses, skirts, pants and will add the excitement you need in your outfits. Ruching is also perfect for hiding certain insecurities or turning basic attire into a fabulous look.

Final Thoughts

Are these unexpected staples only meant for fashion adventurists? Although they might appear a little too much at first glance, all the fashion pieces we listed can amp up your wardrobe this fall and be staples you can’t live without.

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