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“Ultra Girly”: How To Rock the Cutest Style Trend

Many major fashion brands went with “Ultra Girly” as a trend, which was characterized with fluidity in the designs using an aquamarine palette, one of the hottest colors for the season.

From a tailored suit for a formal look to a casual sporty style, you can also achieve a look that fits you, with pieces that have delicate textures, such as lace or silk; applications of glitter, embroidery or pearls; or experiment with metallic or satin textures. One huge advantage of this trend is its versatility.

The sweetest trend takes it to the streets with ultra-feminine combinations inspired by the 50’s and 60’s. Taylor Swift, Alicia Vikander, Harley Viera-Newton and Kiernan Shipka are the biggest ambassadors for this trend and here are some of their style tips. .

Harley Viera-Newton is the living personification of the ultra girly style, wearing serene patterns, textured dresses that resemble Vichy paintings everywhere. The model and British DJ follows a certain pattern: dresses are a “must”, along with midi skirts and sublime accessories -among them, tiny box bags and minimalist sandals-. The “It girl” says goodbye to exaggerated and overloaded fashion and goes for the most sophisticated and discreet accessories.

Sweet, seemingly naive, Taylor Swift is a major representative for this style with her mini-dresses, cropped shirts and baby collars. Prints are an asset and the accessories take on a leading role, including wide-heeled kitten heels, perfectly placed short-handle bags and diadems that recall childhood.

You can also see an interesting mix of these items in the stylish outfits worn by Academy Award Winner Actress, Alicia Vikander. The Swedish star shows off the girly trend in a minimalist way, with a serene luxury. Her looks tend to be styled in a single tone and, if she uses prints, these ones will be as discreet as the actress herself. Sublime, sophisticated, timeless … there aren’t enough qualifiers to describe a style that dazzles, seduces and promises to become eternal such as hers.

Former “Mad Men” actress, Kiernan Shipka is always advocating the most cutting-edge trends. The very young American performer already leads the way, choosing sweet outfits made of superb prints, lace appliques and jewel collars. Her greatest obsession? The straight-cut mini-dresses with small ruffles on the sleeves.

As you can see, there is not a single way to adhere to this style or a single way of interpreting it. So, get in touch with your feminine side and have fun!


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