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The Ultimate VIVA GLAM Sexy Hair

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Trends come and go, but SEXY is always in. And this also applies to hair. What is sexy hair? Some people find shorter, pixie hair sexy. But here at VIVA GLAM, we prefer the ultimate bombshell hair which is characterized by hair that medium to long in length. Sexy hair represents freedom because it is carefree, effortless and flows.
This is hair that Bridget Bardot personified when she looked like she just woke up. But, it is also exemplified by the perfect wave that Jennifer Lopez wears today.

So how do you achieve the VIVA GLAM sexy hair? Here’s how:

  1. Root lifting mousse.
    Sexy hair starts with preparation. After you wash your hair and towel it dry, use a good amount of root lifting mousse.Work it into your roots all over your head.

Sexy_Hair___Big_Sexy_Hair___Root_Pump_Plus_viva glam magazine katarina van derham
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