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Types of Bras Every Woman Needs

As a woman, you may have certain types of clothing that you wear for different occasions. To be able to make these outfits look great, you might also want to pair them with some decent underwear. Having different types of bras in your underwear drawer can allow you to mix and match depending on the clothing you had planned for the day. Therefore, you might want to consider the styles available to see which align with the other items in your closet. Regularly measuring your bust, especially prior to buying new pieces, could help them to fit better.

Wireless bras

Underwire can sometimes dig in, or feel slightly uncomfortable. Due to this, you might want to consider having some wireless bras within your drawer. These could be ideal for days where you want to lounge around or undertake chores. Some wireless bras might also be ideal for partaking in sports comfortably. That doesn’t mean that you need to lack support. Many modern bra styles may be able to offer your bust a good level of support without any wire being present. This style may also be ideal for those recovering from some form of breast surgery, where wires could impede upon recovery.

Wired bras

Although wireless bras can be cosy, some women may prefer to opt for underwear that has the wire running across the under-bust. You may need to take extra steps to look after a wired bra so that it remains in good condition. Otherwise, you might find that the wire begins to come loose. Many women discover this has occurred when they feel the sharp pain of the wire digging into their underarm or cleavage. In addition to care when wearing and storing, you might also need to think about how you can safely wash a wired bra. It may be a good idea to hand wash these garments, or use a special bag in your machine. If not, the underwire may dislodge within your washer or dryer, causing problems.

Maternity bras

Should you be thinking about expanding your family soon, or already be pregnant, you might want to think about the benefits of buying a few maternity bras. Alongside maternity bras, that are used during pregnancy, you may also need to consider nursing bras. However, you may want to leave this as late in your pregnancy as possible, as your breast size may change over the coming months. A nursing bra can allow you to unclip the cup from the strap, making it easier to feed your baby without having to undress your top half completely. This can also give you a little bit more discretion, and even some level of protection from any leaks. 

A bra can be a staple part of a woman’s wardrobe, regardless of the size of her bust. Whether you want sheer comfort, to show off a classy outfit, or even make motherhood a little easier, there may be a style of bra that is suited to that occasion. 

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