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Turn Your Vegetables Into Pasta

Who in their actual right mind doesn’t love pasta dishes? We don’t think we know anyone who can’t appreciate a fresh, zesty pasta dish that’s creamy and wonderful and somehow both light and filling at the same time. There’s just one problem: in case you missed it… pasta? Not the best thing for your body. Pasta noodles are nothing but starchy carbs, and they’ll send your body into blood sugar mayhem if you eat them too often.

Eat pasta on the reg and you’ll put on extra weight and feel sluggish at best. Here’s where we come in to deliver some excellent news: we know how you can have your pasta and eat it, too, when you learn how to turn vegetables into pasta.

Wait… What?!

If you enjoy pasta but are tired of facing the health consequences of eating it, there’s a way for you to swap out those pasta noodles for… you guessed it: vegetables. If we’re honest, many people are skeptics of this concept, but we can assure you that these are not the people who’ve actually tried it. Truth be told, if you love fresh veggies, using them in place of pasta noodles only enhances your dish!

All You Need is a Spiralizer

You’ve probably seen them in stores, and we know you’ve seen them online. The beauty is that spiralizers are easy to find, and they’re actually super cheap! Online you’ll find one with 3 interchangeable blades (for different size spirals), and this one in particular is incredibly easy to assemble, use and wash!

What You Can Make With It

Perhaps the most popular pasta sub is the zucchini noodle, otherwise known as a zoodle. Simply peel the zucchini, slice it into thirds, and spiralize away. Lay your spirals on a couple of layers of paper towel
on top of a baking sheet, and allow them “to sweat” in the oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees. This is likely as close to real noodle texture that you can get using veggies! That’s not all you can do, though .¨ parsnip noodles (poodles), sweet potato noodles (swoodles), turnip noodles (toodles), carrot noodles (coodles), squash noodles (squoodles), and broccoli stem noodles (boodles) offer a ton of flavor and benefits for salads, soups and as sides as well.

Don’t want to do it yourself? There’s a service for that, Hungry Root! You can order delicious, healthy pastas made of root vegetables, as well as desserts, snacks, and sides made of things like black beans, cauliflower, and nuts! It’s rumored that they are in Whole Foods too.

What, Other Than Pasta, Can Be Made?

Once you discover just how versatile the spiralizer is, you’ll probably try to use it for every meal. Our favorite things to make with it, other than pasta, are sweet potato curly fries, broccoli stem salad, parsnip lo mein, salad with carrot noodles on top (for color and a crunch), roast root veggies (parsnip, turnip, sweet potato), and any veggie spiral in a soup.


Convinced yet? Using veggies in place of pasta is truly one of the most beneficial (not to mention tasty) diet changes you can possibly make!


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