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Try These Fall Haircuts For a Fresh Start Of The Season

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Reality check: fall is just around the corner, and with it comes the irresistible desire to change your current hairstyle. Since we’re still living in an uncertain time, you might be looking for a haircut that will last you months before you need to visit the salon again for a trim. Luckily, these fall haircuts require minimal upkeep with options for all hair lengths and types. Keep scrolling for the fall haircut trends that will make you look stylish throughout the whole season.

Layered Haircuts

fall haircuts for fresh start of the season
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Photo By @leansart/Instagram

Layered haircuts are never really “out”. These styles can add interest to your look and have a wide spectrum of execution. As a rule, layered haircuts suggest at least two layers and shorter tresses around your face. You can, however, customize them as you wish. Create a noticeable dimension with multiple layers or add a stylish fringe for an on-trend look.

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