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Try Gluten-Free and Vegan Pudding at The Pudding Truck

We’re so used to packaged pudding that we forget how delicious it can be when it’s handmade and fresh. At The Pudding Truck, the pudding is hand-whisked at the stove in small batches to ensure every bite is high-quality. What’s so wonderful about them is that they used corn starch to thicken their pudding so they are ALWAYS gluten-free and they ALWAYS
have at least one vegan option readily available for customers.

The classic flavors available are: chocolate, butterscotch, and vanilla bean. The vegan flavors in rotation are: chocolate hazelnut, key lime coconut, brown sugar banana, and toasted coconut rice pudding. Other rotating flavors are: pistachio baklava, coffee/espresso, maple, lemon, and pumpkin. You can also add toppings!

Check their website for their schedule. They are always at the LACMA on Thursdays among the giant row of food trucks and can be found at many events around Los Angeles.


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