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Train Like The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

If you’re like millions across the country, you’ve watched Jay and Lin Johnson train the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

I have to admit my girlfriend and I once had an all day marathon watching every single episode of this show just to see who will make it through Jay’s rigorous boot camp and go on to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys!

Now Jay and Lin Johnson have created a way for people to reach their individual fitness goals by a new fitness regimen, Jay’s Boot Camp.
This camp quickly gained recognition by helping many in the Dallas area get into shape and boost their self-confidence.
Now, Jay’s Boot Camp is a nationally recognized fitness phenomenon.

What makes Jay’s Boot Camp so special?
It is a fitness camp that is founded on military and biblical principles.
And if you watched The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team,
you will remember the military drill exercises that Jay led everyday including running 5 miles in the Texas heat, calisthenics, obstacle courses and endurance exercises.
We wondered if the average person would be able to participate in this type of fitness program?
Jay sees no boundaries in the potential of his participants.
And his motivation comes from focusing on the best in every person.
So, he creates fitness programs that help each individual person reach their potential.
Jay’s Boot Camp is not just a mission, it is a passion.

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Lin and Jay Johnson

What a great way to tone up and lose a few pounds with supportive fitness experts that can help you achieve your own personal optimal health and wellness goals!
Jay and Lin treat each individual with respect and positivity.
And if you’ve watched
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, you will see their dedication to transforming each girl into their fullest potential!

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