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Tough Workout? Here’s How To Recover Quickly

There’s no greater feeling than the one that comes from smashing a tough workout. However, if you push yourself to the limit, your muscles will likely feel sore the next day. Although a completely normal reaction to exercise, this soreness can cause discomfort and make even the smallest of tasks seem difficult.

Muscle recovery is key to a successful workout plan – this guide will take you through how to recover quickly from a tough workout.

1. Drink Water

It’s important to drink around two litres of water every day. However, if you complete a sweaty exercise session, your body will need more. Once you’ve finished your workout, drink plenty of water so that your body can maintain a good fluid balance. Water helps all bodily functions to work properly, meaning that your muscles will recover faster as a result.

Worried that you’re not drinking enough water? Luckily, there’s an easy way to establish whether this is the case or not. If your urine is dark and rarely clear, you are likely to be dehydrated.

2. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things that you can do for a speedy recovery. People who exercise late at night often find it difficult to get to sleep due to the adrenaline rush from their workout, so consider working out in the morning if you already struggle with sleep.

To improve the quality of your sleep, create a comfortable environment that allows for pure darkness and peace. Also, try to refrain from scrolling on your phone up to an hour before bedtime.

If you continue to struggle with tiredness after making changes to your sleep routine, consider taking magnesium tablets. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, while also contributing to the normal release of energy. Those that struggle with tiredness and fatigue (particularly from working out) find magnesium to be a great supplement.

3. Stretch!

Stretching contributes towards keeping your muscles flexible, strong and healthy. Without stretching, your muscles may become short and tight, increasing the likelihood of discomfort after a workout. With this in mind, try to perform some light stretching exercises every day, whether that be through yoga or a personalized stretching routine.

4. Eat Nutritious Food

It’s true what they say – you are what you eat. Without a healthy and balanced diet alongside your workout plan, you may not achieve the results you’re expecting.

Where possible, avoid eating processed foods and focus on building a diet full of greens and vitamins instead. If you like to stay organized, create weekly meal plans to ensure you stay on track.

5. Soothe With Ice

Although uncomfortable at the time, soothing your muscles with ice is a great way to speed up the recovery process. If you feel sore or swollen after a particularly challenging workout, pop an ice pack onto the area and let it sit for a while. The ice will help to reduce swelling and take the strain away.

With these five tips in mind, you should notice your muscle recovery times getting quicker. This will help you to focus on your fitness goals without having to sit on the recovery bench for days on end!

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